Strain Counterstrain

Many of the bodywork methods will help you to get better results through working out your muscles. This does not always do you a lot of good when your problem is joint pain. This is when you will need to go through strain/counterstrain method. This is a method by which you will learn how to put the proper strain and counterstrain on your joints. This will make it possible for you to use what is known as a passive approach to get your joints in the right position. Once your joints are in the right position you will notice that you feel a lot better and have the energy to many things you avoid because of the pressure it puts on your joints.
Developed by Lawrence Jones, DO, the strain/counterstrain method is used to relieve dysfunctional joints. These are joints that feel painful to move. It can also mean joints that lock if they move in the wrong direction or position. You will be taught a few exercises to do on your own that will help you to pop your joint back into the right position and minimize the pain. In addition to the work of a professional strain/counterstrain therapist, you are put in the driver's seat of this healing method.

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