Visceral Manipulation

The adhesions, or knots, you can develop are in more places than just under the surface of your skin. You will also encounter them in the area around your organs and at times on the organs themselves. This is when you need visceral manipulation. This is when you use soft tissue manipulation to affect the internal organs. The desired outcome is that you will be able to work out the adhesions. This will help you to get the desired health effects from the massage you know that you want. You will also be able to enjoy heightened organ function through proper stimulation. Some people will go through visceral stimulation just to enjoy the health benefits which are a side effect of the method.
When using this kind of bodywork you will lay flat on your back and your organs will be worked in gently but firmly. This will help to work out the adhesions which are present as well as allow the practitioner to find any other problems that you may not have been aware of. You may not notice a difference right away as you may need several sessions until the adhesion is completely worked out. When the adhesion is completely worked out you will be able to enjoy the heightened organ function which goes along with it. You will also have a little bit of protection from developing this kind of adhesion in this place again. This is because with visceral manipulation you will train the muscles to protect against it.

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