Best cities for massage therapists to start their massage therapist career

There are a number of cities that are very advantageous for a massage therapist to work in. The massage therapy training, degree, license and salary will vary from city to city. What qualifies a particular city to be the best city to work in as a massage therapist are places of relative affluence and diverse job opportunities.

The quality of life in a city is also important to evaluate before opening up a massage therapy practice. Some of the quality of life factors include affordable housing, educational opportunities including internship opportunities and diverse cultural offerings. The following are some of the top five cities in the United States in which to work as a massage therapist. All of the cities also offer professional massage therapy training programs that lead to state licensing.

1. Massage therapist career in San Diego, California.

best cities for massage therapists

Of course, what comes to mind first when you are considering working as a massage therapist but sunny California. There is a huge resort and spa tourism in California, so a massage therapy degree will help you to find and retain a professional massage therapy job in the affluent city of San Diego, California. The average massage therapy salary in San Diego is just over $40,000 per year, not including tips.

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2. Massage therapist career in Houston, Texas.

best cities for massage therapists

Houston is actually the fourth biggest city in the United States. It offers many different cultural and sporting activities as well as a thriving business community. Massage therapy jobs in Houston, Texas begin just under $40,000 per year.

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3. Massage therapist career in Boulder, Colorado.

best cities for massage therapists

The beautiful town of Boulder, Colorado lies at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The town is one of the most active in the country and offers a huge array of sporting and outdoor activities including world famous skiing. Massage therapy jobs, training and salary in Boulder, Colorado will range depending on the establishment in which you practice. Generally, the massage therapy salary will start in the low forties for a full-time masseuse.

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4. Massage therapist career in Seattle, Washington.

best cities for massage therapists

The thriving urban center of Washington State, Seattle offers massage therapists the highest beginning salary of any major city in the United States. Generally, the massage therapy salary begins in the mid-forties and increases from there. Like all of the other cities mentioned, there is a state-specific massage therapy license in order to practice as a full-time, professional massage therapist.

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5. Massage therapist career in New York, New York.

best cities for massage therapists

New Yorkers are well-known for their fast pace, high stress levels and even higher salaries. Massage therapists will do well in New York, either in private practice or as a masseuse working under the auspices of a well-know spa, health club or hotel. Massage therapy training and licensing are very specific in New York. The massage therapy salaries in New York, New York begin in the low forties, not including generous tips.

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I've always wanted to work as

I've always wanted to work as a massage therapists but I've never got the chance to get the necessary training to become one. So far I have a msn nursing and I really like working with people, do you think this would help?

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