Do massage therapy schools have to be accredited?

When choosing from the many massage therapy schools, potential students often wonder whether they need to choose an accredited school. The term accredited means that a school has been approved by a national or regional accreditation organization that has earned the approval of the U.S. Department of Education.

What does accredited massage school mean?

Accredited massage schools have been inspected and approved by an accrediting agency, their program has been recognized which means that these schools prepare students to become a CMT Certified Massage Therapist. To become a Certified Massage Therapist, students must complete a training program and pass a state examination. Once a student has earned the title of CMT, he or she is ready to seek employment and begin their career.

To accept students, massage schools do not have to be accredited. The process after graduating from massage schools will be the same whether you choose an accredited or non accredited massage school. You will have to clear a certification exam like the NCBTMB or the MBLEx. Massage therapists are required to obtain certification before securing one of the certified massage therapist jobs.

What is the difference between the NCBTMB and the MBLEx exams?

When searching for schools, students need to understand that most of the top massage therapy schools are usually accredited. The advantage of a non accredited massage school is definitely the lower tuition.

How to find an accredited massage school near you?

To find an accredited school, students can look for massage schools and request information from them for free. There are a number of directories that will help students find an accredited massage school in their area, so that they may choose the best training program, and begin working towards a future as a massage therapist

What if I don't attend an accredited massage school?

Of course, there are a few of the best massage schools that aren’t accredited and some accredited massage schools that aren’t so great. It’s very important that you do thorough research on massage school and massage careers you are considering and talk to students to find the best massage schools for you.