How do I get more massage clients?

Once you have completed massage therapy school and obtained the licensing required to be a massage therapist on you area the next step is getting clients. Having a healthy amount of clients is the key to success for any massage therapist.  You find yourself at some point asking how to go about building massage therapy clientele.

One of the determining factors in obtaining more clients is the location you are working in. If you are considering working for an established massage spa or clinic or going onto business for yourself, you may want to carefully consider the location the business. Find out if it is easily accessible to your desired clientele. Also make note of how affluent the area is and if there is in a population which can support your clientele growth.

Once you are working in a location you will want to be sure you are giving top quality care to your massage clients. Make sure you treat every client as if they are your most important client. This is the key to maintaining them as return clients and not losing them to your competition. Additionally, they will be more likely to refer you friends and family they know who are looking for massage therapists.

Do not underestimate the power of referrals. Not just the referrals you get from word-of-mouth but the referrals you can generate from your current clients. Many massage therapists lose out on building a larger clientele simply because they are afraid to ask or put the right kind of effort into referral generation. With referrals being a big part of what makes a successful clientele you need to give your current clients incentives to refer their friends, family, and even strangers. By simply offering your current client a discount or free gift for referrals can see your business increase dramatically. Also do not be opposed to offering discounts to those who come in as a referral. This can also do wonders to increase your success.

Marketing and advertising are another big component of how to get more massage clients. Do not make the mistake of just shooting the dark when it comes to placing ads for your business. Do some simple research and find out where your clientele shop, eat, and go for entertainment. Careful ad placement can do wonders to increase your volume of clients!