How do I market my massage business?

In order to get the client base you need to be successful you need to know how to go about properly marketing a massage practice. One of the first things you need to realize is that marketing is not one size fits all. You need to identify some basic demographic information of the client base you are trying to reach. This type of information will help you to effectively place ads where you will get the most for your marketing dollars and efforts.

Find out where your clientele likes to shop, eat, and go for entertainment. You can do this by hiring the service of a market research firm in your area which can research your desired demographic and capture this information for you. This can be costly, and if you don't have a large marketing budget then you may want to consider doing more informal research to get some of this information. Simply build a survey you have your current clients fill out when they come in for appointments. Make it fun and place each person’s name in a drawing for a prize such as a free massage if they take the time to fill out your survey. Be sure to ask questions about lifestyle habits such as where they shop and what radio and television stations they tune into. Use this information to determine where you should place your ads.

When promoting your massage business you want to be careful to not advertise only where other massage therapists are advertising in your area. Doing something different than the pack can really make you stand out and result in more clients for you. You may wish to advertise at local movie theaters between films, or perhaps you could look into other forms of alternative advertising such the small bathroom billboards places inside some public restroom stalls. This is a form of advertising which has begun to show up in more affluent areas recently and could be a good way to capture you potential clients’ attention.

While you do need to spend money on marketing to make money, not every strategy needs to make a dent on your budget. Seek locations in your area that allow local businesses to place their business cards and ads up for free. Many neighborhood restaurants and coffee shops, or places such as mailbox rental locations still do this. This can be a no-cost way for you to get your business marketing to potential clients.