How many massage therapists are there in the United States?

Currently the number of massage therapists practicing professionally in the United States is around 90,000. Right now massage careers are growing faster than average for a wide variety of reasons. Massage therapy has become a field where people can have rewarding career which has high job placement, great income and is very rewarding.

One of the reasons for the most recent increase in demand for massage therapists in the United States is related to the recent economic downturn. Many people had to cut back during the downturn and give up going on luxury vacations to unwind. In place of these vacations many people were left looking for something more affordable to replace these trips. Getting a massage became a very popular substitute. Many massage therapists had braced themselves to be hard hit financially during this time. What many found is that there was more than enough work to go around and they even showed a sharp increase in profits.

As the economy grows stronger the field of massage therapy is still staying strong. This is because now many people have been introduced to the benefits of getting massages on a regular basis and are now wisely making them a permanent part of their lifestyles. Additionally, many people who had to remove massages from their budgets are now able to return to getting them regularly again. This means there are more clients than ever for U.S. massage therapy professionals.

Another reason as to why massage therapists are in such high demand right now is because of all of the recent studies that have been released to the public explaining all of the many health benefits of massage therapy. Many people are in search of lifestyle changes which will reduce their stress and possibly heal other health issues they are suffering from. Massage therapy is a place where more people in the United States than ever are turning to massage to get this type of relief.

Massages have become more common place in the daily life of Americans. Gone are the days where the only way you get a professional massage was to go overpriced spas and resorts. These days people can go more local and approachable places for massage therapy services. It is becoming more common for people to include regular massage as part of their health routines. This too has helped increase the popularity of getting massages and thus the demand for massage therapists. With all of these reasons it is easy to see why now is the time to get into this exciting field.