How much does massage therapy school cost?

On average, massage therapy school tuition will cost you about $10 per hour. If you don’t need to be certified or licensed, you can complete a brief massage training program for less than 1K. If you can’t afford the massage therapy school cost, you can try for massage school loans or financial assisitance or opt for Reiki (RAY’ kee), Reflexology and somatic or structural integration as they are exempt from specific educational requirements. Contact Massage therapy schools to get more information about this.

Massage therapy school cost

Most states require five times as much massage therapy training, plus anatomy, physiology and biology courses to become licensed. Your 500 hours will likely include some sort of practicum (perform a certain number of massages on live bodies). This level of massage education will run you from 5K to 9K. One way to reduce your massage therapy school cost is to find a massage school that includes a massage table in their tuition. Since a table costs $500, that is quite a deal.

Some states (Washington, for example) accept completed apprenticeships in lieu of more formal massage therapy training. The advantage is that you obtain practical, hands-on experience from Day 1. A big part of performing massage therapy day in and day out is assessing individual patient needs. Apprenticeships fill that unique need perfectly.

Can I get financial assistance?

If you choose an accredited college, you can apply for financial assistance. Some schools voluntarily elect to be reviewed by quantifiable standards of quality to become accredited. If you need financial aid, and if your state requires accreditation, this is a must criterion for you in selecting your training. Financial aid institutions also require your school to be state licensed and approval of the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massages and Bodywork. NCBTMB will require you to pass an exam when you’ve completed your training.

Narrow your choices down to three, and then inquire about your financial aid options. Most schools are happy to help you navigate the maze of Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), no-interest payment schemes, veterans’ assistance and private loans. Just talk to their admissions office.

For example, FAFSA is an application that can qualify you for nine federal and hundreds of state financial aid programs. Applications are accepted at the beginning of each calendar year, and is first come, first served. You will have to answer over 100 questions about your family’s assets, salaries and your dependency status. You can reapply every year.

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How long will massage therapy training take?

The time varies widely depending on whether you are seeking certification or a degree, your course load, your timeframe for practice massages and your area of specialization.

Even if your state does not require certification or licensing, you should seriously consider it. There is a lot of competition among practitioners, and it will set you apart. Both are voluntary processes, and will vary by state.

There is debate among authorities on whether obtaining national certification is necessary or desirable. Be sure that you get a massage therapy certification before you begin practicing, because your massage business could be closed down for practicing without a license. Find out more on massage licensing requirements here.


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