Top paying states for massage therapists

Massage therapy is more than just a vocation. It is a talent. Every person loves to get a massage at the end of the day. It is one of the main relaxation techniques available in today’s stressful hustle and bustle society. Although the current economy has not generous to some of the best of careers, massage therapy is still growing. It is a career that makes people feel relaxed and rejuvenated. No matter what the economy might look like, massage therapists are always in demand. While massage therapists are often found in massage salons and spas, few people realize that the profession extends into hospitals, big corporations, and specialized private practices.

Top Paying States For Massage Therapists

top paying states for massage therapists

The average annual massage therapist salary is $39,789 per year. The salary range for a massage therapist can be anywhere from $17,270 to $68,670 per year. The average pay rate per hour is anywhere from $8.30 an hour to $33.01 an hour, depending on experience, certifications and specialization. The top paying states for massage therapists are Alaska, Washington, Oregon, New York, and Delaware. Alaska pays $85,050 for massage therapists, while Washington pays $52,500. Oregon pays $51,800. New York pays $48,900, and Delaware pays $49,900. The top five metropolitan areas are Anchorage, Alaska; Chico, California; the Eugene-Springfield metro area, Oregon; Yakima, Washington; and the Bremerton-Silverdale metro area in Washington.

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How much is the average massage therapist salary

Besides having the credentials and the talent to become a massage therapist, it is important to find the right location to set a massage practice. As can be seen from the numbers above, the state chosen can play an important role in how much is made. Everyone loves the pampering and relaxation that a massage therapist provides. The numbers above show that massage therapy is a high-paying career.

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Massage Therapy Education and Massage Therapy Certifications

Massage therapists can take on various specialties and certifications. Before choosing a specialization, determine which part of the career is most enjoyable. If working with physical injuries is the most gratifying, focus on developing specializations in physical therapy or chiropractics. If the desire is to create a life-long clientele is most important, then focus on developing a general massage therapy practice.

Different types of massages

Some of the most high-end hotels also provide massage therapy services for their guests, through their in-house spa centers. While the opportunities are endless, it is important to find a specialization that matches personal and financial objectives. Massage therapy is one of the few careers that bring happiness to both the massage therapist and the client.


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