Do I have to be licensed or certified to practice massage?

The answer to this question depends upon the state you are practicing in. Currently their only 37 states which have laws regulating massage therapist certification. Each of the 37 states has different requirements for different aspect becoming and practicing as a professional massage therapists.

Many of the 37 states have specific guide lines for the amount of hours which are required for you to be educated in order to become a massage therapist. Some of these states detail out very specific amounts of hours required for in class education and hands on training.  Some have regulations as to what can be taught in a massage therapy school in order to comply with government regulations. These are important laws to know because many of these states will not allow you get a massage therapist license without first meeting their specific education requirements.

Many states also require that a massage therapy schools in their states have certification from a proper accreditation organization. It is important to make sure the school you are considering attending to see if they meet your states requirements for this. You do not want to put a lot of time and money onto an education only to find out their school is not recognized by the state.

Some states will require you get an extensive massage therapy education while others will allow you to get licensed after receiving massage therapy certificates for receiving training just for specific types of massage therapy.

Even if you get licensed and certified in one state, you could be required to go through a very different licensing and certification process should you change the state where you are planning to practice massage therapy. Be sure to look at all the requirements the new state you will be practicing.

Knowing all of the specific laws in your state pertaining to massage therapy are every important since many states have stiff fines for those who practice illegally in their state. These laws are also good to know because many of them have been put in place to ensure professional and safety for all of those involved in the many aspects of massage therapy. Knowing these laws and following them will make you a true professional in the field of massage.

Difference between licensed massage therapist and certified massage therapist