How long does massage therapy school take?

One of the most commonly asked questions by those looking to enroll in massage therapy school is how long massage therapy school takes to complete. Today there over thirty states which have licensing requirements for people to be legal massage therapist. Most of these states set guidelines for the amount of hours of massage therapy education which are required to become licensed. The average for these states ranges between 500 and 600 hours. Each state has requirements for how many of those hours are divided between classroom time and hands on training experience.

How long does massage school take

Although the state you live in may have specific requirements for the amount of time required to become a legal licensed therapist the hours required by a given massage therapy school in order to graduate could be different. Some schools may require to you to have additional hours of education beyond what is required by the state.

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The time it takes you to become a massage therapist is determined by you and not just the state and school requirements you must meet. You time can be altered by a variety of other factors. One of those is the type of massage you choose to specialize in. Some schools will require you take more massage school hours in order to learn specific types of massage therapies.

The amount of classes you take at a given time can also effect the how long it will take you to complete massage therapy school. If you are able to attend school on a full time schedule then you will graduate much faster then if you are only able to attend part time. Your willingness to devote time to school and your ability to if you have a job or other obligations will determine your school schedule and your completion time.

Another factor which can determine how long massage school takes is the amount of time it takes you to complete the amount of practice hours required by your massage therapy school.  These hours tend to be easier for people to obtain who are attending a school which offers students the opportunity to get hands on experience in an onsite school spa or clinic open to the public. It is important to ask a school in the beginning if they offer such services prior to enrolling should you feel this will help you complete your practice hours faster.

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