Acupuncture vs. Massage Therapy, which one is better for you?


It comes and goes from time to time but never truly leaves. It’s that kink in your neck, that ache in your back and that twinge in your shoulders. As we get older, these nuisances tend to flare up more often and as a result people are turning to various means to treat them. Currently, alternative forms of medicine like acupuncture and massage therapy are rising in popularity to treat these aching woes. But, which one is better than the other? Or, do they really help at all?


Is acupuncture better than massage therapy? Well, it depends.

When it comes to chronic neck pain, most research shows that acupuncture works better than massage therapy for short term relief. This traditional Chinese medicine helps add balance to your body by releasing vital energy called qi. This helps with overall health promotion as it possess multisystem effects – including chemicals in the brain called endorphins that have analgesic (pain killing) effects.


Massage Therapy

Massage therapy on the other hand helps treat a wider range of health conditions. It might be the runner-up to acupuncture when dealing with chronic neck pain, but massage therapy holds its own across the board. Massage can reduce stress, decrease anxiety, enhance sleep performance, boost energy, improve concentration and increase circulation. In addition to helping sooth pains and overall well-being, massage therapy can help relieve various medical issues like lymphedema, tendonitis, cellulite and others.

Benefits of massage therapy

Both acupuncture and massage therapy in alternative medicine have their specific benefits, and although one may not be deemed significantly better than the other, we can agree that they are integral treatments for relieving pain and tension to people across the world.

People or students interested in learning acupuncture go for massage schools near their area and then specialize in acupuncture.