Falling Asleep While Receiving a Massage

Most spa centers are very accepting of clients who fall asleep during a massage. The National Sleep Foundation recently reported that over 50 percent of Americans suffer from one form of insomnia. They may have difficulty falling asleep at night due to stress or have a habit of waking up too early. Spa centers realize that when a client walks in the door, the chances are favorable that he or she is sleep deprived in some fashion.

Masseuses understand that a person likely needs sleep during a massage appointment. While a masseuse is taught to apply pressure during a deep tissue massage, this does not mean that it should be to the point that it does not allow the client to sleep. The Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals organization recommends that massage centers actually allow their clients to sleep during a massage. Basically, the organization believes that a massage is counter-productive if a client is so sleep deprived that he or she can not obtain rest during an appointment.

Clients may be in a state of exhaustion if they have not been sleeping well in previous months and attend a massage appointment. In that instance, the toxins that are released from the body during a deep-tissue massage can actually harm the client. A client's body should be strong enough that its cells are able to rebuild after an intense massage. If the client's body is severely sleep deprived, then the client's cells may not be able to effectively rebuild and provide him or her with oxygen.

A therapist can actually do a client a favor in allowing him or her to sleep. Because so many Americans are sleep deprived, it has become very socially acceptable for clients to fall asleep during the massage appointment. About ten or twenty years ago, massage therapists were instructed that they should not allow clients to nap during the appointment. Now, leading massage organizations are finding that clients should be allowed to sleep during appointments in order to obtain the care that their bodies need.

The next time you feel the temptation to doze off during a massage appointment, do not feel like you will offend the therapist. He or she understands that you need to obtain sleep and allow your body to rebuild itself. Further, a spa center has likely instructed the massage therapist that he or she should always allow clients to receive the rest that they need during an appointment. Falling asleep during a massage has actually become a trend in the population as more people are becoming sleep deprived every year.