Does massage therapy help smokers quit?


Massage therapy has been used for thousands of years, by various civilizations and cultures as a way to heal the body. While many in today’s world look to massage therapy as a simple way to relax, others take the more ancient view on the practice. Many see massage therapy as a valid way to help themselves get through various injuries or health issues. In recent past massage therapy has found to help smoking cravings among those who want to quit the smoking habit. While there is really no easy way to stop smoking, massage therapy could definitely help in relaxing and calming you down.

Massage therapy is well known for its ability to help relieve stress and to help the body deal with headaches and other pains. Smoking cessation can be achieved smoothly with a combination of both medicine and massage therapy. Many do not realize the incredible effect that massage therapy can have on those who have smoked for a regular basis and are trying to finally kick the habit.

How can you stop smoking and start living a better life?

Massage therapy simply works to get the body to relax. The soothing touch and massage performed by the professional is known for helping both mind and body to get into a more relaxed state. Many are turning to massage therapy to help them to stop the anxiety caused by finally kicking the smoking habit. Instead of joining a smoking program you could opt for massage therapy to help you stay calm and overcome smoking.

Smoking due to anxiety? : This form of therapy is known to be able to reduce anxiety. This is something that can help smokers to quit in multiple ways. The first way is by simply relaxing the smoker during a time when they would usually be craving a cigarette. Those who are trying to kick the habit may be able to relax and let go of their cravings and mental anxieties because of the level of relaxation they have found with the actual massage itself.

Smoking due to mental or physical stress? : Most smoking treatments cause further stress and anxiety and the incredible relaxation of massage alone may be enough to help individuals to kick their habit. Many individuals will smoke because they need something to calm them down. Both their body and mind are stressed, and smoking helps to bring in a soothing sensation that allows them to calm down. Those who receive regular massages will find that their body and mind are more relaxed, even when they are not actually in the massage session. Individuals who are more mentally hooked on smoking than physically hooked may find that they do not need to smoke.

More and more individuals are starting to use massage in an attempt to kick their smoking habit. Opting for a massage regularly as a part of their routine helps in their attempt to quit smoking. These individuals often find that a combination of massage and some sort of anti-smoking aid, such as a nicotine patch, aids to stop smoking.

Helpful ways and tips to stop smoking

If you are thinking about using massage as a way to kick the habit, talk to some of your local massage therapy schools. These massage schools often offer discounted rates for massages to allow their students to get in easy practice hours. This will make it easier for you to afford regular session, helping you to get the massages that you need to quit smoking once and for all. While massage may not be the silver bullet that helps you to get over your addiction, it has been shown to be a strong and easy aid to those working to stop smoking.