Building Your Massage Practice

Did you ever see "Field Of Dreams" with Kevin Costner? (I love this film by the way.) If so, do you remember that catch phrase of the film was "If You Build It They Will Come"? I reckon this was a film subconsciously geared for us Massage Therapists. Why? Because us Massages Therapist really believe this will happen to us. If we build that beautiful room, with good energy and a good mindset people will flock to our doors..... Well, yes and no. Let me clarify this point. You most definitely need a good mindset, attitude, vibe...whatever you want to call it. And a consistently good one. You can't have a believe that everything will go the way you want one day, then be cranky the next day. You must hold a consistently good healthy mind towards your massage business otherwise the Universe will not be able to respond accordingly. (Hey I'm not master at Universal issues, but I do know that a good client number depends on your mind.) However, the "If You Build It" attitude doesn't work by itself, sorry. If you create your beautiful room, fill your mind with good thoughts and have a fully positive mindset you will certainly get clients, eventually, but it’s not enough without...ACTION! You have to get off your butt and go get them. I'm talking about building a clientele quickly, not slowly. If you want slowly, then sure, do nothing. If you want clients to start coming this week then you must know what you are going to do to get them. Okay so you want clients; here's a good action plan to get started:

  1. Know who they are
  2. Look at the places your clients have come from (Physiotherapist, friends, Doctors)
  3. Do some marketing to those sources (specific marketing is far better)
  4. And then make sure you ALWAYS are doing some marketing, every week.

Now this is fun! The more you do this, the easier it gets, the more your confidence grows, the more massages you do, the more clients come, the more money you have. The better your life will be. It’s pretty simple. "If You Build It" way of thinking just won't cut it anymore. YOU are responsible for your clients coming to you. I want you to read over that sentences a few times until it sinks in. If you realize that most clients in the past have come from the advertising in the paper then you may decide to learn about how to write successful ads. If you really want to become good at writing ads (which I highly recommend) then go to it's a good deal of a marketing package. You don't have to, it’s just if you want to learn advert, brochure, flyer writing. You get a few goodies as well. But this article is not about that. Every week you should be doing something to get more clients. Whether it is writing a letter to a Naturopath, Physiotherapist, Dance School, corporate companies or herbal health store you must get yourself OUT THERE to the places that your clients are likely to visit. And clients have short memories, have you noticed? One person who comes to you for a massage 3 months ago and not returned has most likely forgotten about you. All that time you are sitting there asking the air why they have not come. Don't question the air, sky, or Universe, write to them. Remind them to come back. Clients need a friendly jolt sometimes. You can write to this person saying "Dear Bill, It was great to massage you back on October. I'm glad you got some relief from your shoulder pain. Did you realize it’s been 3 months since your last massage? How are your shoulders feeling Bill?" etc, etc. Just a note in the mail is fine. But whatever you do, however you word it, just DO IT! Don't sit on your behind waiting for them. Get out there. Go on, now! About the author: Amy Roberts is a Massage Therapist and Massage Therapy Business Coach (