Going Corporate or Staying Small...

As you debate whether to receive a massage through a business or personal masseuse, you will see that both sides have pros and cons. An established business will have standardized procedures for handling back pain, joint pain and other body issues. A personal masseuse, on the other hand, can offer that intuitive sense of what it takes to rehabilitate a person's body that is injured, in pain or simply suffering from too much stress.

If you are the type of person who prefers knowing that your masseuse has obtained a certification, then you will want to obtain a massage through a corporate business. Every masseuse who practices with a business is usually certified with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. To receive a certification from this organization, one only needs to pass a written and physical test. A person can receive his or her certification in less than a month through the NCBTMB. Also, a masseuse from a business will usually offer you the opportunity to have home visits after you have been visiting the business for a number of months. You can usually enjoy substantial discounts by purchasing the home visits of masseuse who works for a corporate business.

In a personal practice, a masseuse may or may not have a professional certification. Just because a personal masseuse practices from home does not mean that he or she is not fully educated in safe techniques. The majority of masseuses who practice from home choose to do so because they make more money from their home than they did at a business. The majority of personal masseuses have actually practiced with a corporate business at one point or another. They choose to practice from home because they can charge lower rates for clients and make more money for themselves.

The only downfall with hiring a personal masseuse is that he or she may not have malpractice insurance. Every masseuse who practices with a business will have insurance to protect you in the event that a massage is not completed in the proper fashion. If you suffer injuries as a result of the massage, then you will be able to sue the business to recover compensation for your injuries. When you work with a personal masseuse, you do not have the same security in knowing that your injuries will be fully compensated in the event that something goes wrong.

One last factor to consider is one's comfort level. If one has a personal acquaintance who is a masseuse, then he or she may feel more comfortable in receiving massages from him or her. For some people, the sterile environment of a massage center can be uninviting and even feel a bit intimidating. Considering which environment a person prefers is something that a person should think about in debating whether to hire a personal masseuse or a masseuse from a corporate business.