How much does a massage therapist make?


I am interested in becoming a massage therapist, but am unsure about the massage therapist job market. What kind of massage therapy salary can I expect? What kind of jobs are out there for someone with a massage therapy education, and what benefits come with the job?

How do I become a massage therapist?

Information on Massage Therapist Salary

The numbers that are connected with massage therapist salary and massage therapist income can often confuse those who are interested in the massage industry. Many fail to understand that there are various aspects that can completely change the amount of money made by a therapist.

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If you start your massage therapist career by working in the health care profession. Most of the health care places might have special massage therapist requirements. They will work in hospitals with physical therapists to bring pain relief and physical rehabilitation to those who have been injured. These professionals may be paid in a salary fashion or hourly fashion, depending on the hospital and company that is providing the job. These are generally the workers who will see a steady and standard massage therapy benefits. They may receive healthcare or dental care because of the place that they work.

Where do I find massage therapist jobs?

How much is an average massage therapist salary?

There are some massage therapists who work on an hourly basis, rather than on a salary basis. Some will only make $25 an hour, while others will make $100 per hour. The average for hourly-paid massage therapists hovers around the $60 mark. It is important to note that these numbers do not include any tips that are given to the massage therapists. Tips can drastically alter these numbers, with bodyworkers able to bring home extra money on top of the usual hourly rate.

Some massage therapist salary stands to make around $30,000 a year. Other massage therapists can make up to $60,000 a year. Tips simply add to the amount of money that these professionals can make. Some will receive few tips, while others can earn thousands per year through good work and good tips.

The massage therapy salary amount changes drastically depending on the person doing the work, and the place that they are working at. By joining a good massage therapy school, you increase your chance of being more knowledgeable about the various massage techniques.  Take the time to talk to some of the different massage therapy professionals in your area. Ask them about general hourly wages and salaries for massage therapists in your town. This will help you to have a better understanding of what you stand to make in the massage therapy industry.

The BLS has a lot of great information about massage therapy salaries by state.



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