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Massage Therapy Schools in Georgia

If you live in Georgia and are searching for a good massage school, there are some things to consider. Massage therapists enjoy a rewarding career that provides therapeutic benefits to people in need, and therapists are often rewarded with a good living. Massage therapists earn more than $42,000 a year, on average according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Becoming a massage therapist involves more than just knowing how to give a good shoulder rub. You need to complete a massage therapy program, which in Georgia means a minimum of 500 hours of classroom training at an approved school. Before committing to a massage therapy program, check with the state board to make sure that it is an accredited program.

Another significant question to consider is class scheduling. Massage therapy schools work on many different schedules. Some schools offer classes once or twice a week during the day. Night and weekend classes are options at some schools. Courses may take only weeks to complete, while others may take a full year. For adult students, it’s often worth finding a school that offers night, weekend, or online courses so they can work a full-time job or take care of their family.

The cost of your program is the next thing you need to consider. Some schools provide different financial aid packages, so it is always a good idea to consult a school’s financial aid department to see what type of aid for which you qualify. It’s also a good idea to visit a prospective school to get a feel for its atmosphere. Students that are comfortable with their learning environment will be much happier with their program choice in the long run.

Potential Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities for certified massage therapists (CMTs) are very good. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 20 percent increase in massage therapy jobs in the United States between 2010 and 2020. This is partly due to the rise in need for massage therapists in many dynamic work environments. Beyond the traditional realms of massage clinics and spas, massage practitioners have more options than ever. Some fitness centers, chiropractic offices, doctors’ offices, and athletic clubs hire massage therapists to provide relaxation and remedy for their clients. Cruise lines often hire massage therapists to provide added travel benefits. Massage therapists work at malls or shopping centers, often offering chair massages.

CMTs also have the option of self-employment. Many schools offer classes on entrepreneurship and business classes to prepare you for owning your own business. The benefits of self-employment are flexible hours, choice of location, and self-empowerment. The benefits of being employed by a larger company are help with clientele booking, marketing and promotional support, and provided supplies.

Find Your Massage Therapy School

The time you spend selecting the best school for you can pay off in the long run. Be discerning to make the ideal choice by using our directory of massage therapy programs in Georgia. Be sure to compare multiple programs to make sure you choose the right school.

Massage Therapy Schools in Georgia

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