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Massage Therapy Schools in Michigan

Beginning a career as a massage therapist can open the door to an exciting career that offers the sense of fulfillment that comes with helping others. Furthermore, the career field is projected to continue its current pattern of growth and expansion in the coming years. In Michigan, massage practioners typically work part time and earn an average of more than $37,000 each year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The first step to embarking on the path to a career as a massage therapist is to find a reputable massage school.

Prospective students in Michigan will need to verify that the schools they consider all have massage programs that are in compliance with state licensing requirements. After narrowing the selection down to include accredited, reputable schools, students should consider finance. As with any other educational program, some massage schools have a more expensive tuition than others. Many schools offer financial aid and are willing to assist students in determining how much aid they may qualify for before they decide to enroll. Adult students may require a more flexible class schedule as they are more likely to work a job outside of school and/or have the responsibility of taking care of a family. If this is the case, there are programs that may offer more flexible scheduling and lighter course loads that may be completed at a slower pace. After completing an approved, accredited massage program, graduates who wish to work in Michigan are required to become certified by the state.

Potential Career Opportunities

Work environments for licensed massage therapists (LMTs) can be quite dynamic. Many therapists are self-employed and travel to their client's location. Freelance massage therapists are typically responsible for maintaining their own supplies and equipment as well as handling business clerical tasks, such as appointment management, client follow-up, and marketing. Being a freelance massage therapist can be rewarding as therapists are better able to control their work schedule, increasing or limiting the amount of hours they work each week depending on their life's demands.

Other therapists work set schedules at one main location such as a chiropractic clinic, sports medicine facility, or a spa. Working as a massage therapist at an established facility often affords the benefit of not having sole responsibility for purchasing materials, advertising, managing clients, and scheduling appointments. These therapists typically work more of a set schedule, and they provide all services onsite at the facility. Still other LMTs may procure a small massage facility of their own or provide client services in a dedicated area in their home. Massage clients can also be extremely varied.

Therapists work with elderly clients who may have health issues. Athletes of all levels, from professional to amateur, also utilize the services of massage therapists as part of their training program to enhance their athletic performance and to recover from injury. Clients may be pregnant women who are seeking special prenatal massage services to relieve the discomforts of pregnancy. Still others are everyday people who may have common injuries from repetitive movements at work or from while exercising in their free time. Still other clients simply wish to treat themselves to a massage solely for relaxation purposes. Massage therapists may choose to specialize in one or more areas of massage, which may limit the scope of clients they may treat, or they may practice multiple types of massage and accept an array of clients from various walks of life.

Find Your Massage Therapy School

People who want to work with other people in a fun yet healing profession go to Michigan massage therapy schools for training. Professional massage therapists are highly paid in places like Detroit and Grand Rapids, and there’s always a demand for skilled massage therapy graduates. A Michigan massage school can give you the skills you need to offer therapeutic and relaxing massage at a top quality spa. Or you can go into business for yourself and take private clients. Massage therapy schools in Michigan can give you the skills you need to enjoy this rewarding and flexible career.

The options for massage therapists are numerous; therefore, massage students may look forward to the flexibility of being able to choose a work environment and clientele that best suits their professional interests.

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Massage Therapy Schools in Michigan

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