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Massage Therapy Schools in Missouri

Massage therapy is a vast career field with many doors to opportunities that offer the satisfaction of working with clients to help them heal and live healthier lives. As the benefits of massage are increasingly discovered, job growth in the massage therapy field is expected to continue to grow. In the state of Missouri, massage and other therapists earn an average of more than $30,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Massage therapists who wish to practice in Missouri are required by the state to earn mandated educational requirements and obtain a license. For this reason, the first step toward obtaining a massage therapy license is to find a state approved massage therapy education course and enroll. It is important that students choose a course that is recognized by the state of Missouri as meeting the educational requirement; otherwise, the student's application for a license will likely be denied. Another important factor in choosing a school or institute is cost. Tuition and fees vary from school to school. Prospective students may contact a financial aid adviser at their school or schools of interest.

Financial aid advisers are able to provide more information about whether financial aid is available as well as types and amount of aid for which individual students may qualify. Adults who are looking for a career change may have major responsibilities like working full or part time and caring for a family. These types of prospective students may find it helpful to look into programs that offer flexible scheduling and a curriculum that is structured to accommodate busy working adults.

Potential Career Opportunities

Massage therapist may work in an array of environment with work conditions differing from therapist to therapist, practice to practice, and even day to day. Self-employed therapists often have greater flexibility and may work from home, a separate outside location, or they may travel to their client's location. These therapists are responsible for providing their own supplies and equipment and are required to handle their own administrative duties such as marketing and managing client bookings.

Therapists may also work as employees of larger businesses like chiropractic offices, massage clinics, and spas. Massage therapists who work as employees generally work onsite and the location of the business that employs them, and they may not be responsible for maintaining their own supplies. Their employer also tends to assist with marketing and client management. These therapists may not have the scheduling flexibility that self-employed therapists may have. However, therapists who work as employees often can expect to have more predictable income depending on pay structure. Massage clients are also diverse. Therapists who practice sports medicine massage may work with athletes who wish to utilize massage therapy to enhance their training regimen or to recover from an injury. Pregnant women require a special type of massage and may seek out a skilled massage therapist to help ease the discomfort that can be associated with pregnancy. People with chronic conditions like fibromyalgia or arthritis often find that massage therapy can help manage their painful symptoms.

Massage therapists may work with people from all walks of life and have a unique opportunity to help their clients improve their overall sense of wellbeing. People who are compassionate and enjoy working with others in a health and wellness-centered setting may find that massage therapy is an ideal career path with potential for future growth.

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Massage Therapy Schools in Missouri

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