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A career in massage therapy can lead to many opportunities to work with people from all walks of life in a variety of settings. The massage therapy field enables qualified professionals to promote healthy living and healing in their clients while offering the sense of accomplishment that comes with working autonomously and being self-employed.

Nebraska requires that all professional massage practitioners obtain and maintain a state license in order to practice. The first step to pursuing a career in massage for individuals who are inexperienced is to find a state approved massage therapy program. Enrolling in and completing a program that is approved by the state ensures the education requirement for obtaining a license is met. When evaluating schools and institutes, most prospective students will need to consider cost. Tuition costs vary from institution to institution. By contacting a schools financial aid adviser, prospective students are able to determine the types of financial aid that are available and for how much the student is likely to qualify.

By comparing financial aid offerings from school to school, prospective students are more likely to be able to determine which program is the best value for their investment. Adult students often have additional responsibilities like family and working full time. Prospective students who have commitments that may limit their available time should research programs that offer flexible scheduling to accommodate students who are not as available during regular school hours.

Potential Career Opportunities

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Licensed Massage Therapists, or LMT's, can expect to earn an average yearly salary of more than $29,000 in Nebraska, and the environments in which massage therapists work can vary from therapist to therapist, facility to facility, and even day to day. Self-employed therapists often provide services from a designated area in their home or at a separate location they have procured. Still other therapists travel to their client's location. Although self-employed therapists tend to have more autonomy and are able to control their work schedule, these therapists are also responsible for purchasing and maintaining their supplies and equipment.

Some therapists opt to work as employees at chiropractic clinics, specialty massage clinics, sports medicine centers, and spas. These therapists are more likely to have the advantages of marketing assistance from the business that employs them, client booking management, and provision of supplies, equipment, and work area. Massage therapists who work as employees often have more set schedules, which can mean less flexibility, but more predictable income depending on pay structure. Massage clients are just as varied as work environments. Many hospitals are now discovering the benefits of offering massage therapy to patients to assist the healing process. Shopping malls and airports often have shops that cater to tired shoppers and travelers who wish to have a massage while on the go.

Clients at upscale spas may wish to have a massage to relax while receiving other beauty treatments. Office workers often seek regular massages to assist with upper body strain that is caused by working long hours at a desk and/or computer.

Find Your Massage Therapy School

With so many potential career paths and such a diverse potential client base, massage therapy is a field that is teeming with opportunity for candidates who are interested in therapeutic massage and wish to provide client services in the health and wellness industry. Use our directory to locate and contact the schools that can help advance your career!

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