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Massage Therapy Schools in Ohio

A career in massage therapy can be rewarding and exciting. Massage therapy can offer greater autonomy, the sense of accomplishment that goes along with business ownership, and the satisfaction of working in a career that improves the health and lives of others. Massage therapist in Ohio average $34,000 each year (http://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes319011.htm). Cleveland and Columbus are two of the areas of Ohio where massage therapists make the highest rate of pay in the state. But if you’re not in those areas, don’t let that stop you from starting a rewarding career in massage. Therapists all over the state are in demand and well paid for their skill. By attending Ohio massage therapy schools, you can get the skills you need to become a certified massage therapist and start a challenging career helping people every day. If you enjoy one-on-one contact with clients, working with your hands and knowing that you’re making people feel better, massage therapy is the career for you.

People who lack prior experience and wish to begin a career as a massage therapist should begin by finding a reputable, state-approved massage therapy education program. Ohio was the first state to license the practice of massage therapy. By attending a school that does not meet the state's education requirement for obtaining a license, students may delay or jeopardize their ability to obtain the proper credentials to practice professionally. Most prospective students will also need to consider cost before enrolling in a program. Consulting a school's financial aid advisor can yield a wealth of information regarding cost, payment options, and financial aid for which a prospective student qualifies.

In addition, comparing costs from school to school can help students who wish to study massage therapy decide on a program that is economical and delivers the best value. Adult students who may already have a full time job and/or family responsibilities may benefit from researching schools with flexible scheduling options. While approved massage therapy programs must generally provide students with a certain amount of course hours and teach a specific set of subjects and skills, course structure may vary from school to school.

Potential Career Opportunities

Licensed massage therapists (LMTs) may work in the same workplace each day of the week, or they may have a flexible schedule and travel to different sites at which they perform their services. Self-employed therapists tend to be responsible for procuring their own supplies and performing administrative tasks like marketing and client management. These massage practitioners may choose to work from a designated area in their own home, travel to their clients for appointments, work as a contractor onsite at another location, or secure a separate space and set up their own clinic. Flexible scheduling is an advantage for self-employed therapists as they only work when they have booked a client appointment.

Massage therapists may also work as employees of other businesses like spas, chiropractic clinics, sports medicine clinics, and specialty massage clinics. Working as an employee offers the benefit of not being required to invest in purchasing supplies and keeping them replenished. The business for which the therapist works will also typically be responsible for marketing the therapy services and managing client bookings. Massage professionals who are required to work a set schedule as employees generally have more predictable income, depending on the pay structure. Massage therapy clients are diverse. Clients may be elderly people who are looking to utilize massage to manage a health condition. Spa clients are often people who simply want to enjoy a massage as a luxury, and their main goal is relaxation. Clients who frequent massage franchises that are typically located in shopping centers may be new to massage and may seek out less intense therapies like chair massage or Swedish massage.

Everyday people with muscle strain, chronic, and tension also seek out the services of massage therapists regularly to improve their condition.

Find Your Massage Therapy School

With so many avenues through which to practice and grow a career, massage therapy is an excellent field of study for health conscious individuals who enjoy working with people and have an interest in promoting wellbeing. Start searching for the massage therapy school that offers programs that fit your life and match your aspirations.

Massage Therapy Schools in Ohio

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