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Massage Therapy Schools in Tennessee

An exciting career awaits students when they choose the massage therapy program of study. Licensed massage therapists (LMTs) can do very well offering stress relieving and deep tissue muscle massages. Each student will learn several methods of massage to use in his or her business. Massage is not just for stress or tension any more. Athlete’s use the services for muscle injuries or pain, people with sleep disorders use massage and salons offer massages as part of their guest packages.

Massage therapy schools can prepare a student to open his or her own business or to work in places such as spas. The benefits of becoming a massage therapist are numerous. The thrill of helping others can be very rewarding. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary in 2012 was more than $38,000 in Tennessee, while the top ten percent can earn more than $75,000 a year. Finding the right school that offers massage therapy is the first step to a rewarding and successful career choice.

Students looking for a good school to prepare for massage therapy licenses should take a close look at all of their college options. Be sure to verify that a school is accredited when making a decision. Accreditation is very important in massage therapy because only accredited schools offer training hours that count toward your license.

Financial aid is another thing to consider when searching for a massage programs. The classes sometimes require the student to purchase their own tables and books. Financial aid can help with the tuition, books, and equipment necessary for individuals to complete the program successfully. Most colleges offer FAFSA and student loans. Some even have scholarships that are available for students to apply to win.

Potential Career Opportunities

Beginning a career in massage therapy can be very rewarding once the student completes the necessary requirements and receives his or her certification. Some students prefer to work with other massage practitioners for a few years. This will allow them to gain experience and clientele. Once the student is comfortable and has an established client base, he or she can venture out on his or her own. Some graduates prefer to remain in a working environment where there are others such as spa or medical facility. The career opportunities are endless because there will always be people with high stress jobs, athletes with injuries, people with sleep disorders, and women who are pregnant suffering from back or neck pain. Some medical facilities offer massage therapy to their patients as part of their treatment protocol.

Traveling massage therapists can make good money with a folding massage table. Business owners and specialized patients need the services but rarely find the time outside of work to enjoy the treatment. Taking their services to the customers is a benefit that people will enjoy. It also gives you the added benefit of choosing your own hours and rate of pay.

Tennessee requires 500 hours of credit and passing the certification examination to practice massage therapy. There is always a demand for certified and skilled massage therapists in places like Memphis, Knoxville and Nashville. But if you go to a Tennessee massage therapy school, you can go into business anywhere in the state and make a good living helping people every day. Massage therapy is a rewarding career because you get to work one-on-one with clients and really make a difference in their lives. You can help relieve pain and give them a better feeling of wellness. If that sounds like a rewarding and challenging career to you, look through our list of Tennessee massage therapy schools today.Today is the best day to begin a new career in massage therapy.

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Are you ready to begin your career as a professional massage therapist? If so, use our online directory to find and compare programs in your area. Make sure you choose one that fits your schedule and helps you achieve your goals.

Massage Therapy Schools in Tennessee

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