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Massage Therapy Schools in Washington

A career as a professional massage therapist can be rewarding and result in a variety of opportunities. Students learn quickly that massage therapy can help everyday people who want to relax, as well as people with injuries who need to heal.

Certification is a requirement to provide therapeutic massages to individuals. Washington state massage therapy schools prepare students for owning their own business as well as working with others in settings such as spas or hotels. Salaries vary depending on career choice. Massage therapy is a rewarding career in Washington, as the median annual income is over $50,000 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Massage therapists in Seattle, Washington, are some of the highest paid in the Northwest. Bremerton-Silverdale metroplitan area is the fourth highest paid in the country for massage therapists, and Olympia is the fifth! But people all over the state of Washington can make a good career out of massage therapy. In fact, Washington has one of the highest concentrations of massage therapy professionals in the country, especially in the metropolitan area of Olympia. Also, Washington is one of the top five highest paying states for massage therapy careers. It’s a rewarding career because massage therapists help people feel better. Certified therapists who graduate from Washington massage schools help relieve pain, help with relaxation and help people achieve wellness. If you want a healing career working one-on-one with people, you should become a certified massage therapist. You can go to work for yourself in this truly flexible and rewarding career, or work for a spa, a rehab clinic or a health professional who wants these skills in his or her office.

Massage is not only a stress reliever but also helps with other areas such as sports injuries, headaches, and reflexology. While studying the art of the different massage techniques, students will also learn regulations, business management, client practices, and safety regulations.

Potential Career Opportunities

Massage therapy students will receive resources to help them in finding a job and managing their career. When students complete these course requirements and pass the examination for certification, they can be self-employed or join other therapists working in the massage industry. Some students will venture on to spas, doctor's offices, hospitals and sleep centers. Others will choose to open their own business offering massages to athletes, pregnant women, and tourists. If you want to make your own hours and structure your career your own way, this could be a way to do it.

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Massage Therapy Schools in Washington

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