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Massage Therapy Schools In Wisconsin

A career in massage therapy can take on a dynamic life of its own, enabling therapists to work with an array of clients and have control over when and where they work. The massage industry has seen substantial growth in recent years and is expected to continue to grow in the near future. In Wisconsin, massage therapists earn an average of more than $36,000; however, most therapists do not work full time (http://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes_wi.htm#29-0000).

The first step for people who wish to pursue a career in massage, but have no prior training in, is to find an accredited school or institution and enroll. Residents of Wisconsin are required to complete at least 600 hours of coursework in a state-approved massage therapy education program before passing an exam to obtain a license. Therefore, it is important that prospective students ensure their school's credentials will be recognized and accepted by the state before enrolling. Cost is another important factor to most students who consider studying massage therapy. Many institutions that offer massage therapy courses also offer financial aid and are available to help students determine how much financial aid for which they are qualified before deciding to attend the school.

Adult students who are returning to school may find that they need a program that offers flexible scheduling to accommodate their work schedule and other responsibilities. Some schools may offer flexible scheduling to accommodate working adult students with families.

Potential Career Opportunities

Massage therapists may work in a variety of environments. Many therapists pursue massage therapy certification because they wish to have a flexible schedule. Self-employment is the most common status among massage therapists. Being self-employed allows professionals to plan their own schedule, and choose to travel to their client's location. Some therapists are able to procure a space in which they can open their own clinic while others perform massage services in a designated area in their home.

Responsibilities of being a self-employed massage therapist include purchasing and maintaining equipment and supplies, marketing, managing client bookings, and handling taxes at the end of each year. Massage therapists may also work in settings like spas, chiropractic clinics, and specialty massage clinics. These therapists may be self-employed, but they may also work as staff members of the business that owns or rents the building in which they work. Oftentimes, when therapists work on the premises of another business such as a spa or clinic, therapists are not responsible for purchasing their own supplies, and the business often helps with marketing and client management. However, when working as a staff massage therapist, a more concrete schedule is typically required, as the therapist must work during the larger business' hours of operation.

Massage clients are just as diverse as the settings in which massage therapists work. Athletes often require massage therapy as part of their training program. Everyday people treat themselves to a massage as a luxury, while others may have muscle strain, injury, or issues with their posture that requires ongoing massage treatments. Massage therapists may also treat elderly clients who may have conditions like arthritis that require ongoing therapy to manage symptoms.

Find Your Massage Therapy School

With so much variety in work environment and client base and growth expected in the field, massage therapy is an excellent choice for prospective students who enjoy working in a changing environment while bringing health and comfort to others.

A Wisconsin massage therapy school can be your first step toward a lucrative and challenging career in one of our ancient healing arts. Massage has been used for thousands of years, not only to help people relax but to relieve pain and encourage overall wellness. People who graduate from Wisconsin massage therapy schools help people with better circulation, muscle tone and pain relief. You can enjoy this career helping people feel better if you like working with your hands and helping people one-on-one. Massage therapists are in high demand in places like Milwaukee, but you can make a good living in this profession all over the state.

Use Massage Register to find the schools in your area that can help you purse your aspiration of becoming a professional massage therapist.

Massage Therapy Schools in Wisconsin

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