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Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage makes finding the perfect massage therapist in your area simple, quick and easy. Are you looking for a Swedish massage therapy expert? Perhaps you’re looking for prenatal massage therapists? Registered, licensed or in-training massage therapists are all considered for our lists, and you can find them all in a snap.

What kinds of people are helped by the massage therapists on Massage Register?

Everyone! There is no specific type of client for most registered massage therapists. Some need massage therapy in connection with their physical therapy from an injury or a disease. Some clients are just looking to be pampered by some soothing hands in a tranquil atmosphere. lists a diverse number of massage therapists in a number of modalities, no matter what kind of massage therapy you need.

Do I need to use the state search or type search to find a massage therapist?

You can search for a massage therapist either by state, by the type of massage you want, or both. Our custom search returns massage therapists in your area for your convenience. If the results that are returned don’t have a licensed massage therapist listed, you may wish to broaden your search to all types of massage or a nearby state.

Do I pay my massage therapist for their services through Massage Register?

No. Massage Register is a free service to find therapists. All contracted services from licensed massage therapists on this site must be done directly with your therapy provider. does not enter into the commerce agreements with clients and providers. You may be able to use to communicate directly with massage therapists to inquire about their services and fees.