Cupping Massage

There are many different kinds of adjuncts which will help you to alter your qi. One of the more interesting methods is cupping massage. This is a massage technique which uses a cup on the skin in order to create a vacuum which will then cause the skin to leach out the toxins and other assorted nastiness which can get in the pores. The cup is also used in order to move around the qi which is useful in order to get rid of the health defects you might be feeling one area of the body. If you have a chest cold, you will move the qi away from there and into a healthier part of the body. Meanwhile you will use the cupping massage to leach out all of the toxins causing the cold.
The cupping massage is adept at removing anything which is within four inches from the skin surface. The cup can be moved over different areas of the skin in order to stimulate lymphatic flow. This is important to be able help the body in the removal of different area toxins and to improve overall health. The cupping massage can also be used in order to make sure that the right amount of circulation is getting to certain parts of the body. Simply use the cup on the part of the body where you need better circulation. Clearing veins and arteries can even help to prevent heart attacks from ever happening. Cupping is a very useful and versatile massage technique.

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